A Whole New Website

22 Jun

It’s Friday afternoon, everyone’s favorite time to be at work.  For the last week and a half, I’ve been revamping our website and it’s finally ready!  You can preview it here: http://newimage.espwebsite.com.


It’s going to be moved to our old faithful url (nuimage.com) and replace that site, but I want to be around just in case anything happens.  Since I’ll be out next week, expect the new website to roll out in early July.  But for now, peak through http://newimage.espwebsite.com and tell me what you think! It’s had a pretty serious face lift and I’ve added a few things designed to make it easier for people to find their way around.


Our website is like a black and white cookie.  We have two sites, one for promotional products and another for apparel, and they don’t interact with one another yet.  In the coming months, one of my goals is to figure out how to put them together, perhaps oreo style.  I’ll figure it out.  For enjoy the beautiful new site.

Hope you like it and enjoy the beautiful weekend!

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