Happy Infographic Day!

31 Jul

It’s Tuesday, so I’ve decided it can be Infographic Day. After exhaustive google research, here are two of the best t-shirt related graphics I uncovered:

The first is a beautiful infographic featuring 20 lesser known facts about t-shirts (and cotton production).  Did you know it takes six miles of yarn to make a shirt, but one acre of cotton will make 1,200 shirts?  Or that a Wizard of Oz shirt made in 1939 is credited as being the first promotional t-shirt?  Take a look below to find out more!

Click for full size image.  Larger image & second infographic after the jump.

Source: http://www.classb.com/20things/

Second, here is a rather nice graphic of one person’s categorization system for his own shirts.

Source: http://fosta.typepad.com/sleepinginmyhead/2011/01/tshirt-lifecycle.html

This is just food for thought.

Which fact surprised you most?  2 billion t-shirts sold in 2010 is a huge number, but I think I’m still blown away that a single t-shirt requires 6 miles of yarn.  How do you organize your t-shirts?  You know you can always divert them from donated/archive/re-sale by re-purposing them into quilts, pillows, or wall art!

One Response to “Happy Infographic Day!”

  1. Nancy Quade August 1, 2012 at 1:48 pm #

    Wow! Great info about t-shirts. I especially like the suggestion about quilts at the bottom!!

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