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Hot Items for the Kitchen

13 Jul

In a recent survey by the Promotional Products Advertising Institute, 91% of people stated that they stored promotional products in the kitchen.  And why not?  The kitchen is a great place to target your promotional products.  If you are a plumber, handyman, or lawncare company, a refrigerator magnet with your information is not only a convenient and accessible way for people to find your number quickly when needed, but also a constant reminder of your company every time they open their refrigerators.

Not only is the kitchen a familiar place, but it is also very versatile. Consider how much time you spend in your kitchen.  On average, people spend 3-5 hours in their kitchens each day cooking and eating meals, spending time with family and guests, perhaps reading mail, paying bills, or doing homework as well. There is a wide range of promotional items targeted to the kitchen and to the scope of activities which take place there, and they don’t have to break your budget.  Magnets, for instance, are available for as less than $0.20 per piece.

Here are my top 7 kitchen items:


I’ve covered this.  They are great. They benefit everyone immensely.  From the consumer side, when you are in a jam for a service, you really don’t want to have to dig around for a number.  Calling the number right in front of your face is the easiest solution and you remember the quality of service from when you received the magnet.

Jar openers

Did you know they can be used for more than just opening jars?  This is another essential product that everyone uses from time to time.



Measuring spoon

An all-in-one item that’s easy to use and easy to store. We have this one at home.



Pizza cutter

I think this is just a great item. It is easy to clean and won’t rust.


Cutting boards

This is a great gift, and it does not have to be expensive.  You can go for higher-quality, even ecofriendly bamboo cutting boards, or more economical flexible plastic ones.  For reference, the flexible ones are very handy for pouring minced garlic or onions into a pot, so don’t discount them.



Sturdy, practical, convenient, and transportable. What more could you need?


Coffee mugs

A promotional stand by.  The average woman owns at least five promotional mugs. Our cabinets at home are full of them.  They come in loads of styles these days.  And don’t forget about travel mugs, another always-hot item.

T-Shirt as Art DIY

6 Jul

This is a great way to recycle a favorite shirt once it has past it’s prime. Crafting a Green World has a really simple tutorial on making t-shirt wall art. Essentially, you get a frame and simply cut the printed part of the shirt to match the size of the frame (using the glass front piece for reference.) Your aged but beloved t-shirt is quickly transformed into cool wall art. It’s super easy – check it out at the link below!

Also, there’s another version of t-shirt wall art without picture frames here: Crafts ‘n Coffee Tutorial

light-up wristbands synced to concert music

3 Jul

This is kind of cool:

At concerts, Coldplay uses custom light-up wristbands synced to the music to promote an upcoming DVD.  They’re controlled by radio signals to keep them synced.

I always love getting light up items when I’m somewhere at night in a crowd.  We always used to get them for special events at basketball games in college.  From light-up pompoms to light-up bam bams, they always made the crowd glitter, which looked spectacular when the lights were dimmed.

Read more on the Coldplay wristbands here.