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Merry Christmas!

21 Dec

Merry Christmas!

New Image will be closed next week for the holiday. We’ll reopen on January 2. Have a great holiday and stay safe!

Corporate Gift Philosophy

17 Dec

Corporate Gifts = Employee Morale + Advertising

The benefits of corporate gift giving are simple:

  • Reward dedicated employees
  • Boost employee morale
  • Achieve effective advertising

Increase the performance of your advertising budget this holiday season by directing it toward corporate gift giving.  I’m not talking just the upper echelon of your workforce, but most of your dedicated, loyal employees.  Give good quality gifts that will be used year after year.  They will be used year after year.  For instance, my aunt owns a nice fleece pullover she received five years ago from her company.  It’s in great shape and features the company logo on the left chest.

Good quality gifts targeted specifically for your employee base is one of the most effective forms of advertising.  A company jacket will be worn by people with a passion for your brand who have an intimate knowledge of your company’s products and services.


  • Clothing is a highly effective promotional item
  • Understand how you want your gifts to be used. Think about your employees, what they will use, and consider how you want your brand to come across.
  • Invest in enduring products.  These are gifts being given to people who really like your company.  Make sure you pick something which will last, but more importantly pick something people will want to keep for years to come.

Creative Way to Use a T-Shirt

17 Dec

A creative use for a t-shirt.

Here’s one parent’s creative use for a t-shirt.