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T-Shirts in the News: Short-lived Color Trend

22 Jan

The Smithsonian blog has an interesting post on the short lived trend of Hypercolor T-shirts, heat sensitive, color-changing shirts.  As the post mentions, other versions have surfaced over the years.  American Apparel has had a couple styles of thermochromatic apparel currently available.  The post discusses the technology behind the shirt, the double dye process used to achieve the color changing effect (described more thoroughly by Mental Floss), as well as the rapid commercial success of the brand and it’s economic shortcomings.  Also noted was the typically short lifespan of the garment due to handler-error: “Sadly, though, after a handful of washes, or one laundering misstep in too-hot water, the magic powers faded and the shirt froze permanently into a purple-brown mushy color.”  From our perspective as screen printers, the heat sensitivity also presents a challenge for decorating this type of garment.  Though we don’t usually print these shirts for obvious reasons, we love printing with thermochromatic ink.  I have the mentality of an eighth grader performing a science experiment when it comes to thermochromatic ink; no matter your age, you have to admit that it’s very cool.

On a side note, if you’re interested in historical textile anecdotes and explanations, be sure to explore more of the fascinating the Smithsonian blog, Threaded.  I’ll leave you to the nineties nostalgia below.


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Double Your Impact

8 Jan

One of our customers needed business cards. When he came in, he said that he needed two sets of business cards, one for each of his businesses. He runs two somewhat related businesses and needed business cards for each. Upon hearing this, Nancy suggested he get two-sided business cards. While we frequently make two-sided business cards, they are usually for a single business or business person. For these cards, our challenge was to make them distinct so it’s clear they represent two separate businesses while also being aesthetically pleasing. We alternated the background and primary text color to achieve an effective balance and stay within the customer’s desired color scheme. What do you think?


Business Cards

Winter Savings

3 Jan

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