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Choose Us.

27 Feb

As we are well into the Internet Age, I know there are thousands of companies people can choose for screen printing, promotional products and any of our other products and services. We have reasonable prices, but I know other sites can offer lower. Some sites might promise faster turnaround.  Why should any potential customer choose New Image? I have many answers for this question, from which I’ve distilled the five main reasons why a person or company would want to work with us. I recently put this up as a new page on our site and wanted to share these on our blog.

1. Quality

We pride ourselves on our work and we guarantee the quality of our printing and our products. Our screen printing is guaranteed for the life of the garment. Our transfer prints are enduring.

2. Customer Service

Our salespeople work closely with you throughout the ordering and production process to make sure you’re getting what you want.  We are a small business, so both our salespeople and our customers are able to work directly with our graphic designers to ensure the quality and accuracy of the prints and design.

3. Experience & Diligence

We’ve been here for decades. Our salespeople, Nancy and Carolyn, both have over twenty years of experience at our company.  Our printer and our graphic designer have worked here for 29 years.  We know our products, we know the industry, and we know what we’re doing.  We enjoy helping clients find the exact item, style, design, and type of print/application that suits their needs and their budgets.  If we can’t immediately find the product you need, we search until we find something that meets your specifications.

4. We’re Local

You can come to our office (located at 2399 Ogletown Rd., Newark, Delaware) five days a week to meet us in person.  We are happy to guide you through the ordering process. You don’t have to worry about shipping costs. Plus, you can talk to us, the people who have worked directly on your order, in person if there is any issue with your order.

5. Broad Scope

We carry a lot of items.  If you name an item, we can help get your design, name or logo on it.  We do screen printing, embroidery, promotional products, vinyl lettering, signs, banners, business cards, brochures and more. Approach us and we promise to help you find what the product or service you need.


We know you have other options, but we hope you choose to work with us for your printing and promotional needs.  We truly appreciate your business and the opportunity to work with you.

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Employee Appreciation Day

13 Feb

Employee Appreciation Day is coming up March 1st, so now is the time to plan employee gifts. When it comes to selecting appropriate employee gifts, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

  1. Your company name is essential.

    Obviously this is a gift you are giving from your company to loyal employees.  They like your company and will want to use a promotional item with your company name.  Gifts like food and flowers are lovely, but you are better off going with something that will last.

    Bottom line: Get a promotional item that will last.

  2. Quality – Be good to those who are good to you. 

    You like your employees, so be sure to provide a durable, quality item they will like and be able to use.  You can invest a little more in these items because you know they will be surely appreciated.

    Bottom line: Go for quality, durable goods: think jacket or quarter-zip pullover over t-shirt; mug or tumbler over pen.

  3. Quantity. 

    The number of items you are going to order affects the price and type of item you are going to get.  You don’t need to break the bank by ordering custom engraved glasses for 6 employees.  Call and ask us for recommendations.  We have great ideas for small and large companies alike.


Here are some suggestions to help you get the ball rolling:

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Three Pooch Perfect Promos

5 Feb

I was checking the weather forecast the other day when I came across this tidbit of advice from

Dog clothes aren’t just for dressing up a pet to make it look cute.  Many breeds, especially short-haired pups, won’t fare well for long when they are cold and wet. Make sure to bundle them up and don’t leave them outside for too long.

In October, we spotlighted some of the dog wear options we carry.  Now I’m going to highlight three items perfect for veterinarian, pet store, groomer, and dog show promotions.

1. Collar Light Clip 6802451

This item is very useful.  Just clip the light to your dog’s collar and you’ll have no trouble finding them in the dark.  During a recent camping trip, some friends had clipped similar lights to their pets’ collars and it was incredibly easy to track the blinking dogs at night as they scampered through the camp site.  There are many variations of this item which include different options for adding your logo.

2. Pet Waste Bag Dispenser 6928562

A must-have item for any dog owner! You can clip this waste bag dispenser to a leash, purse, or belt loop, making it ideal for a pet on the go. This particular style allows for both side pull and bottom pull dispensing, accommodating most store refills. Better yet, it is available in 16 colors and comes with 20 bags.

3. Leash 5492138

Every dog owner needs a leash. Give pet owners one with your name on it! Whether you want a traditional leash, or a retractable leash with a light, you can get the most practical item in dog care.  Decoration options include screen printing, sublimation, and woven designs.

Looking for something else? A logoed pet grooming brush, perhaps? Or maybe a
dog hoodie? 7145751Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll gladly help you work out you next pet promotion!