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Buy Recycled.

18 Apr

recycled from waterbottles

What good is recycling if you don’y buy products made from recycled materials? Buying recycled promotes a market interest in recycling, benefits the environment, and gets you quality goods.  From pens to bags to apparel, there are so many options to buy products made from recycled plastic water bottles. Here are our three favorites: Bag, Pen, Youth Hoodie.

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This post is part of our Earth Day promotions series. Find all of our recommended Earth Day promotions on our website.


Organic Cotton

17 Apr

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Organic cotton styles include shirts in unisex and women’s cuts, hats, activewear, bags, youth and toddler shirts, infant bibs and onesies, fleece jackets and sweatshirts, and more!

Organic cotton is grown in an environment where no pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides have been used for a minimum of three years. The dying and finishing of organic cottons also follows a strict procedure for chemical use in processing, eliminating all materials harmful to the body and the environment. In contrast, conventional cotton farming requires a lot of pesticides. For more information on the virtues of organic cotton, check out this article.

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Drinkware: Reusable, Compostable, and Biodegradable

16 Apr

The following is part of our Earth Day promotions series. Find all of our recommended Earth Day promotions on our website.

From pens to bags to sweatshirts, several of the products I’m highlighting this week are made from recycled plastic water bottles.  Disposable plastic water bottles create over 1.5 billion tons of waste every year. A great way to help the environment this Earth Day is to consider ordering reusable water bottles for your next promotion. They are one of the most popular promo items out there and a great value.

In addition to reusable water bottles, we have another suggestion for eco-friendly drinkware. Instead of ordering plastic cups for the water cooler or for use at your restaurant, consider investing in reusable plastic stadium cups or disposable, biodegradable cups made from corn. It’s a great way to reduce your carbon foot print.

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