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2014 Calendars, on SALE now!

12 Jun

Kyle the calendar man came into our office yesterday with some fantastic 2014 calendars. In addition to the traditional nature, motivational, and travel-themed calendars, he brought us this very unique tattoo calendar.

Tattoo Calendar

The calendar is great for breweries, bars, tattoo parlors,
and probably any type of cool, off-beat place.

This particular line of calendars is running several great specials through the end of June. First, the prices are at the lowest point they’ll be all year. I’ll explain this below. Second, you can get free shipping and free storage on all new orders.


There are so many themes from which to choose.

You can also get custom calendars with everything from tear away coupons to overprints (where the picture from the top goes over the seam). If you want a specific design option, talk to us about customizing a standard calendar or creating your own custom calendar. If you’re in the market for a desk blotter, agenda, or other type of calendar, they have those too.

Dessert Calendar

Doesn’t this dessert calendar look delicious?

Why do calendars make such a great promotional item?

Studies have shown that the average person looks at their calendar 12 times a day, which makes 4,380 impressions for the year. It’s a high-impression item everyone needs and uses. Moreover, it performs. 87% of household recipients and 94% of business recipients can recall the advertising message displayed on their catalogs.

Here’s the deal with calendar sales:

Calendar companies appreciate having business throughout the year, so they offer great discounts through spring and summer. By fall, prices are typically not dsicounted and therefore at their highest.

Calendar companies are also pretty savvy and realize that customers are not keen on storing boxes of calendars for five or six months, so they offer to do that for you, free of charge. Obviously there are some conditions, but for the most part, Kyle said the free shipping and storage offer holds as long as you take delivery by December, which is when you will want your calendars anyway.

Now is the best time to order, get the special offers through June 30, and get awesome, impressively priced calendars delivered in November or December. It makes sense, particularly if you are already planning to order calendars, to take care of it now and then you won’t have to worry about it later.

We have beautiful samples in our office and are eager to help you get your order ready, so stop by, send us an email, or give us a call.

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Milburn Orchards Spring Collection

10 Jun

Over the month of May, we worked with Milburn Orchards to put together a great package of shirts highlighting some of the goat walk, petting zoo, and other fun activities at the orchard. Now that Milburn’s is open for the summer, you can check out the full selection at the Farm Market!


For more about Milburn Orchards, visit their website:

T-Shirt News Round Up

3 Jun

The NBA’s battle of the T-shirts, Marketplace

T-Shirts are being used by several NBA teams to promote marketing and branding efforts:

“You have shown by panning the crowd that all of these fans are involved in a game because they have put their T-shirt on over what they’re wearing, and that T-shirt is a sign of solidarity,” says [Steven McDaniel, a professor specializing in sports marketing at the University of Maryland.]

And that’s particularly important in the NBA, he says, because it lacks the tradition many college teams already have.

White T-shirts: a blank canvas for protesters, The Guardian (UK)

The white t-shirt as a mechanism of protest leads a Chinese province to monitor sales of plain white tees. This article also explores the historic role of t-shirts as a tool of protest around the world.

It seems it is the very plainness of this plainest item of plain clothing that threatens, for, like an empty page, it reads as an invitation, calling to be covered in words.

Free T-shirts, other non-cash incentives can up blood donations, study finds, CityNews Toronto

Study shows free t-shirts and other giveaways encourage donations

Research suggests that other incentives like free T-shirts and gift cards can boost donor rates without compromising the safety of the blood supply… “The reward is not conditional on an actual donation,” [said study co-author Nico Lacetera of the University of Toronto.] “It’s conditional only on showing up to a blood drive or a blood donation centre.”