In Memoriam

3 Oct

Today I came across an article describing modern methods of mourning. One of the means described involved t-shirts:

Traditional funeral wear is black, however today many mourners are opting for a “mourning T-shirt” that may be the deceased person’s favorite color, or display dates of birth and death, an image, or an affectionate nickname. The T-shirt may be worn long after a funeral.  

This is actually a popular type of photo t-shirt. Particularly when younger individuals die unexpectedly, we sometimes get a call from a family member asking if we can do photo t-shirts honoring the recently departed person. One point the article leaves out is that this allows mourners to see the network of people around them who are missing their friend or loved one.

We go out of way to get these orders done as quickly as possible, usually the same day. While it’s obviously not something we look forward to doing, it is nice to be able to help someone honor a person dear to them and provide them with something to that will commemorate their friend or loved one long after the funeral has ended. 

Source article: New, Unusual Methods Of Honoring The Deceased Becoming Popular

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