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Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts

30 Oct

As Breast Cancer Awareness month draws to a close, I wanted to spotlight some of the orders we worked on this month.

One of the orders we did was for a large group participating in a Breast Cancer Walk in Brooklyn. They ordered both adult and youth shirts. They looked sharp and had a wonderful time at the walk.

Pink & Posh ShirtsPink Posh & Proud ShirtsPink & Posh Shirts

Another order I want to highlight are shirts (below) designed by a student at the University of Delaware. The shirts were created as a fundraiser and raised over $800 that went directly to breast cancer research.

Nice Rack Shirts

Now at UD: Stylus Tipped Pens with Coupon Offer

25 Sep

UD Pen Offer 2013

Yesterday, we started to place these awesome, stylus-tipped pens around campus. Let me tell you a little bit about them.

  • First, they are completely functional pens.
  • When retracted, their tips allow them to be used as styluses – perfect for any iPads, iPhones, smart phones and other touch screen devices.
  • Most importantly, they contain a coupon code for 10% off your next order, valid all the way through May.

Even if you don’t use a stylus on a regular basis, it will come in handy as the temperature drops. It’s great for texting while wearing gloves and mittens!

How to Remove Vinyl Lettering

14 Aug

Last week, one of our clients brought over a van for us to letter. Vinyl lettering is a long-lasting, weather proof decoration tool that works well on vehicles, windows, and walls.  The van was not new and had old vinyl lettering that need to be removed. The best way to do this involves a heat gun, a squeegee, paper towels, and Rapid Remover (an all-natural, citric acid mixture).

Start by pulling off the old lettering; heat will make this task much easier.  We use a heat gun in short bursts to warm old vinyl, which allows it to stretch. You can do this without heat, but it will take longer. You can use a small, razor-sized squeegee like the yellow one pictured below, or rely on fingernails.


Using a heat gun is the easiest way to get the old lettering to pull off.

After removing the lettering, you are likely to have glue residue left over:


Glue residue leftover from lettering.

It is surprisingly easy to remove the residue. Pour the rapid remover onto a paper towel and saturate the residue-covered surface.  Give the liquid a few minutes to soften the residue. Then use a plastic squeegee to scrape off the residue.


It’s better to use a normal size squeegee rather than the miniature one pictured. The glue residue will easily move around. I tend to push it into piles, scoop them onto the squeegee, and wipe off the squeegee with a paper towel.

Use paper towels and another dousing with the Rapid Remover to clean the surface. Once the surface is clean, you can add new lettering. Here is the same section of the van with new vinyl lettering.


The finished project.