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Promotions East Convention

7 Jun

Earlier this week, Nancy and I attended the Promotions East Conference in Atlantic City.  We worked diligently the entire time, taking classes on social media applications to help make product information more accessible to you.  On Tuesday, we spent most of the day at the Promotions East Trade Show learning about new designs, trends, products, and collecting all of this:

Weighing in at probably 30lbs if you ask my shoulders (Nancy was so kind to hand me all the new catalogs), I had the pleasure of delving through all the new samples we received.  If you’re interested, there is a comprehensive list at the bottom of this post.  I think the best way to give you the highlights of the swag and let you know about my favorite items is through a list of superlatives.   Keeping in mind this is only out of the items we brought back to the office, here’s the list!

Most Interesting Design: an Air Freshener Pen, which we definitely could have used Sunday night when we got to our hotel room

The Incognito Award: a Lipstick Pen, the refillable pen that looks like a tube of lipstick and comes in multiple colors

Largest Item: the Bags themselves since they held everything we received

Smallest Item: Beeches individual gum packs

Tastiest Item: a Chocolate Bite

Softest Item: A gray Trecentro T-shirt

Loudest Item: Bam-Bams with tassel ends

Most Colorful: a Sound Fan also from BamBams.  This was kind of a toss-up between the Crayo-wheel  crayon wheel and the candy cane stick, but I think the fan technically has more colors and it makes noise too

Most Useful Item: a Sticker you place on your phone.  If you lose your phone, someone who finds it can call the number on the sticker and the company will help connect you with the person who has your phone and the good Samaritan gets a $50 reward

Item I Want to Take Home: the Red Double Wall Tumbler we picked up.  I’d love to have this to take smoothies to work!

Most Unexpected Item: a Pizza Cutter

Most Environmentally Friendly: Seed Paper business cards and book marks.  You can plant the paper in the ground and grow wildflowers by only adding water

If you’d like to order any of the items listed or any similar, you can always reach us at 302-738-6824 and sales@nuimage.com.

Of the 12 superlative-winning items, you can see 8 above. The bags are in the first picture, and the chocolate is in the second. Somehow my stomach got the best of me and the chocolate bite didn’t make it into the last picture.

Full list after the jump: Continue reading