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Back to School: College Edition

17 Aug

We're licensed for the University of Delaware!Marketers love college students and college students love free stuff.  College students are living away from home for the first time and willing to experiment different stores and brands unlike older consumers who are typically more set in their brand choices.  Students love free samples and giveaways, offering marketers the perfect opportunity to get their brands in front of a receptive consumer group.  With this in mind, here are my top eight promotional items for university students.

USB flash drives are great for every student.  Whether they’re used for working on a group project, taking something to get printed, or bringing a presentation to class, these are a definite necessity.

Sticky notes are also always in use.  I’ve never used more in my life than when it came time for exams and final papers.

Neon sunglasses: Perfect in any season, these are a great, no-fuss item to distribute to students.

iPhone megaphone: Unique items like these are a perfect way to make your brand stand out in students’ minds.

Tote bags are imperative to a life on the go.  Students walk everywhere.

Drawstring backpacks are great for everything from going to the gym to stowing a lunch for between classes.

Water bottles become more important than ever for transporting beverages to lectures and the gym.

Tumblers are great items to consider given students’ affinity for coffee.  Reusable tumblers can save you a few cents at the coffee shop and are a great everyday item.

With whichever of these facets of college life you align your marketing strategy, be sure it fits with your company’s image.  Sticky notes are a better choice for a bank than sunglasses as a promotional gift.  Water bottles are perfect for an athletic gear company, whereas a USB drive would miss the mark.  Unless you’re selling life insurance or AARP memberships, you’ll want to get your name in front of the highly accessible college student group to cultivate a consumer relationship.  Students appreciate promotional items that are useful and stylish.  These are the items they will keep and associate with you. And don’t forget, everyone loves a free t-shirt.

Gearing up for Back to School

24 Jul

I was in a store yesterday buying a birthday card and they already had the Halloween decorations out.  It is way too soon for that in my opinion.  Sometimes you do have to think ahead though.  Now, with 5-6 weeks to go until school starts is a good time to start to think about great products for campus store and school fundraisers.  I used to love the little PTA store my elementary school had in the mornings, and it was a great fundraiser for the school.  Below is a selection of items sure to be student favorites.  They’ll also work great as PTA gifts to students and teachers.



The Basics:  Every school needs school pencils.  These are perfect for elementary schools. We also have neon and mechanical pencils, and don’t forget about pens and rulers too.  Consider this fun spring pen as a PTA gift or honor roll award.




A Little Fancier: Make studying a breeze with this pen and highlighter combination item.


drawstring backpack


Show Your Pride.  A drawstring backpack is ideal for carting around (and keeping together) gym clothes, going on field trips, and many other activities.  Don’t forget about getting t-shirts & hoodies too! Use our design tool to see how your school’s logo will look on different items.




Keep Everything Straight when Life Gets Busy.  Everyone knows the pace of things picks up in the fall.  Keep all your dates and assignments straight with a daily planner.


rubber bookmark


For Reading.  A no-slip bookmark, which doubles as a jar opener, would be a great, inexpensive PTA gift.



football key chain


Team Spirit: I have a feeling I’ll be posting this fan-favorite item again.  This foam football key chain can be imprinted with your school’s logo and makes a great fundraiser item.


stress relief


For the teachers.  This apple shaped stress-relief magnet would be a great teacher gift or fundraiser product.  There is also a nice pencil stress relief shape, as well as a school bus version.



iphone megaphone


Tech savvy.  This last item is definitely for the older set, but is sure to be a college favorite.  The iPhone megaphone is a silicone product that amplifies the volume of your iPhone 3 or 4 2-3 times without requiring any power.  See it in action here.



>>Don’t forget the staples like t-shirts, tote bags, and water bottles, which you can always find on our website.  I’ve put together a Pinterest board full of my choice items for back to school.  There’s also a page on our web store that is a dedicated selection of items ideal for campus stores and school fundraisers.