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T-Shirt News Round Up

3 Jun

The NBA’s battle of the T-shirts, Marketplace


T-Shirts are being used by several NBA teams to promote marketing and branding efforts:

“You have shown by panning the crowd that all of these fans are involved in a game because they have put their T-shirt on over what they’re wearing, and that T-shirt is a sign of solidarity,” says [Steven McDaniel, a professor specializing in sports marketing at the University of Maryland.]

And that’s particularly important in the NBA, he says, because it lacks the tradition many college teams already have.

White T-shirts: a blank canvas for protesters, The Guardian (UK)


The white t-shirt as a mechanism of protest leads a Chinese province to monitor sales of plain white tees. This article also explores the historic role of t-shirts as a tool of protest around the world.

It seems it is the very plainness of this plainest item of plain clothing that threatens, for, like an empty page, it reads as an invitation, calling to be covered in words.

Free T-shirts, other non-cash incentives can up blood donations, study finds, CityNews Toronto


Study shows free t-shirts and other giveaways encourage donations

Research suggests that other incentives like free T-shirts and gift cards can boost donor rates without compromising the safety of the blood supply… “The reward is not conditional on an actual donation,” [said study co-author Nico Lacetera of the University of Toronto.] “It’s conditional only on showing up to a blood drive or a blood donation centre.”