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Now at UD: Stylus Tipped Pens with Coupon Offer

25 Sep

UD Pen Offer 2013

Yesterday, we started to place these awesome, stylus-tipped pens around campus. Let me tell you a little bit about them.

  • First, they are completely functional pens.
  • When retracted, their tips allow them to be used as styluses – perfect for any iPads, iPhones, smart phones and other touch screen devices.
  • Most importantly, they contain a coupon code for 10% off your next order, valid all the way through May.

Even if you don’t use a stylus on a regular basis, it will come in handy as the temperature drops. It’s great for texting while wearing gloves and mittens!

Meaningful Promotional Products

20 Aug

People connect objects with memories. Often promotional products and shirts are thought of as ways to get a company name in front of people and it’s true that they usually serve this function for people who aren’t wearing or using the items.  For the people who own the pen or shirt or mug, they mean more than that.  People remember where they pick up promotional products.  Beyond the fact that 83% of people remember the name of an advertiser on a promotional product, people associate products with events, memories, and emotions.  Whether we are talking about a shirt you got at a 5K, a hat from a family reunion, or a pen from a particular company or event, we are talking about items you associate with places and feelings.  We do become irrationally fond of a particular pen that writes well that you picked up from your doctor’s office or that nice ruler or favorite water bottle.  Familiarity and fondness are what make promotional products work.

I came across two articles describing this associative behavior.  The first is a somewhat random article in which a history professor reflects on his three most meaningful t-shirts.  He talks about the pride and significance of the shirts he has from his sons’ universities and how conscious he is when he wears them.  The second article is about a pen someone picked up from a pizzeria in Mississippi and used for two years until it ran out of ink.  Years later, the Australian travel journalist remembers where he was and how he came to have the pen, and recalling some of the important documents he’s used it to fill out.  People in the promotional products industry sometimes get upset when people use the word “swag” because they think the term is diminutive.  Looking at these articles, you can see why the dismissive tone of “swag” can reduce the true value of promotional products.  We freely associate promotional products with events, places, situations, successes, feelings.  Promotional items serve as tangible, useful references for our memories.  It seems a tall order for a pen or chip clip, but it’s true.