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About the Buying Guides on Our Website

18 Jul

There are so many combinations of designs, styles, printing types and techniques, and fabrics that figuring out the best combination can be tricky for customers.  Carolyn and Nancy know our products in and out and are great at directing clients to the products that will fit their needs and goals.  Want a shirt that will be less wrinkly?  They’ll suggest a 50/50 blend in place of a 100% cotton.  Need a summer polo that will work well both in doors and in the heat?  They’ll walk you through the lines of moisture management shirts that we carry.  Our showroom is stocked and open 9-4 so customers can come find the exact product to fit their goals and expectations. Want softer-feel shirts, ladies styles, or need help converting sizing between brands and lines?  They can do this and more.

But I know some people like to get a head start, and browse for product ideas on their own.  I created something of a cheat sheet for ordering shirts and selecting print designs.  Our website now features a pair of my first attempts at infographics: rudimentary product guides.  They’re really just skimming the surface of shirt options, but hopefully will be helpful in getting customers off on the right foot when selecting shirts.

Click the links on the pictures, or see the guides here:

Shirt Guide

Print Design Guide

As I was making the print guide, I realized I needed to explain the differences between the three different types of printing we do at New Image, silkscreen printing, photo transfer printing, and digital printing. I decided to that briefly as a separate entity available here: Types of Printing

The shirt guide has hyperlinks to most of the featured products, so check them out!